Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roses From Our Garden

Roses blooming in our Southern California garden in late June...They seem to really appreciate the steady diet of organic rose and flower food!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mark's Fertility Pancake!

Note the symbolism!

--The Daily Fitchett

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sneak Preview: Composers Today & Improvisation Web Sites

I created two new web sites - one to provide information about the Composers Today program, and the other to provide information about the Improvisation Program for the Music Teachers' Association California (MTAC) Long Beach Branch. These are just in the testing phase right now, and are pending MTACLB Board approval. The goal for me was to test Google and WordPress web site template and hosting usability.

What do you think of the web sites?
Current theme preview

MTACLB Improvisation Web Site:

MTACLB Composers Today Web Site:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Open Solo Division at SYMF 2011

SYMF (Southwestern Youth Music Festival) winner
Nicholas Echeverry in the Open Solo division
Congratulations to Nicholas Echeverry, student at Long Beach School of Music, for his 2nd place win in the Open Solo piano competition at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival this past weekend! "Open Solo" division is a pretty competitive category- nice work, Nick!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Philadanco! Passion and Precision at Cerritos Performing Arts Center

Cerritos Performing Arts Center photographed by Lisa Kato Fitchett, 3/13/2011.
The Philadelphia Dance Company (Philadanco) founded by Joan Myers Brown in 1970, is a modern contemporary dance company that tours nationally and internationally. For 34 years, the company has traveled the country and the world, performing before sold-out audiences of diverse people of all ages, creed, ethnicity and cultural traditions. PHILADANCO has a history of being a trailblazer.  They were the pilot dance company to be part of the State of Pennsylvania, Comprehensive Education Training Act, arts training program, one of the first companies to hire our dancers on a 52 week salary, the first to own housing for the dancers and the first to own a debt-free facility. Philadanco is also the company which founded the International Conference of Black Dance Companies and International Association of Blacks in Dance which addresses the special needs of the African American dance community in a supportive environment, and produces an annual conference.

Lula and Irwin Washington with Mark Fitchett at CPAC.
Mark and I caught up with Irwin and Lula Washington (both big fans of the Philadelphia Dance Company) at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center on the night of Philadanco's performance. Lula Washington is the founder of Los Angeles based Lula Washington Dance Theatre.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

After The Storm, Part 5

Oakhurst, California - A great afternoon of hiking and photography the day after a large snow storm blanketed the entire area surrounding our friend's family cabin.

Friday, July 15, 2011

After The Storm, Part 4

Wintry landscape in Oakhurst, CA photographed by Lisa Kato Fitchett.
We interrupt this week's bad news (Japan, tsunami, displacement, death toll) to bring you more photographs of the landscape the day after a big snowstorm in Oakhurst, California.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Potatoes Au Gratin

One of my favorite foods when I was a teenager was potatoes Au Gratin, so I am thrilled to present my version of this recipe here. This version is similar to making lasagna in that the key is layering.

4 russet potatoes, sliced thinly (1/8 inch slices)
1 whole yellow onion, sliced into thin rings
1 stick butter
6 Tablespoons flour (or Wondra)
4 Cups milk
3 Cups shredded Mild Cheddar cheese
2 slices well-done toast (for breadcrumbs)
Salt, pepper to taste

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Julien Musafia

I just got my hands on an extremely rare copy of Dr. Julien Musafia’s The Art of Fingering in Piano Playing, 95 pages, c. 1971 - a gold mine of information for the serious pianist, but unfortunately it’s been out of print for years. The book that I have looks like it was originally part of a college library collection - it's still got the college stamp and Dewey Decimal numbers on it. The few copies being sold on Amazon are going for anywhere from $145 to over $200.

For those who don't want to shell out that kind of dough, it looks like members are trading it on the Piano Files web site:

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Planet of Sound

From The Planet of Sound - 
We discovered this cool blog on Tumlr - The Planet of Sound...Where's the "Love" button?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Forecast

Long Beach, California - Forecast for Friday:

  • DeeDee Rescher's ukelele lesson
  • Weekly guitar jam session meeting with Makoto and Jim
  • Drum practice
  • Full day at Long Beach School of Music
  • Pack for Vegas road trip

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leadership Redondo Aims to Raise $100k For Veterans' Park Band Shell

Rendering of proposed structure by Ottolia & Barnes Architecture. 
Redondo Beach, California - Who is Leadership Redondo Class of 2010? This group of dedicated volunteers initially set out to raise $70,000 to replace Redondo Beach's 50-year old band shell structure in Veterans' Park, not realizing that it would cost nearly $180,000 to get it done. Due to their persistence, coordination with the City of Redondo Beach, and the help of many contributors and supporters, it looks like this hardy group will succeed. Here are a few highlights about the group and participants in their capstone fund raiser which was held Sunday, March 20, 2011 at the Redondo Beach Historical Library.
Band Shell elevation drawing by Ottalia & Barnes Architecture.
"We first met in September 2009, no one in our group knowing any other group members...After nine months of meetings, we embarked on our project, never realizing what a truly challenging and rewarding project it would be. Somehow it seemed like this day would never come, but here we are, and thanks to all of you for making the trip in this awful weather to support our project to replace the aging Veteran's Park Band Shell here in Redondo Beach..."
--excerpts from the keynote speech by Leadership Redondo Class of 2010 Project Leader Larry Rosolowski of Razor Scooters (
Leadership Redondo Class of 2010, photographed by Lisa Kato Fitchett.
Leadership Redondo Class of 2010: Leadership Redondo Class of 2010 are: April Pitcairn (Pre-paid Legal Services), Marina Mora (Massage Therapist, Riviera Village), Brant Griffin (North Pier Fiduciary Management), Michael Ude (Custom Video), Gail Davis (Acme Clean Air), Susie Grant (South Bay Galleria), Ron Maroko (U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney), Chris Benson (City of Redondo Beach, IT Department), Michael Fitts (Endangered Habitats League Staff Attorney), Sandy Marchese (Protection At Location), Seth Berg (South Bay Music), Deborah Fehn (Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center), Kerianne Lawson (Beach Cities Health District).

Councilman Matt Kilroy, Steve Napolitano representing
4th District County Supervisor Don Knabe, Redondo
Beach Mayor Mike Gin, Councilman Steve Diels.
Dignitaries in attendance: District City Councilman Matt Kilroy, Steve Napolitano representing 4th District County Supervisor Don Knabe, Redondo Beach Mayor Mike Gin, and District City Councilman Steve Diels.

Major Contributors: Athens Services ($50,000) COO Gary Clifford, VP Finance Greg Huntington and wife Jasna, Director of Governmental Affairs Ed Chen; Deborah Fehn (member of Leadership Redondo 2010 and Director of Business Development) and Gold Sponsors ($10,000) Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance.

Architects Domingo Ottolia & Dorothy Barnes;
Redondo Beach Mayor Mike Gin; Project Leader
Larry Rosolowski; Stella Rothluebbers, Linda and
Vic Braden of family-owned Cornerstone Construction.
In-Kind Service Providers: Particular recognition goes to in-kind service providers who have donated $50,000 worth of services to the project. In-kind service providers are: Domingo Ottalia and his wife Dorothy, Ottolia & Barnes Architecture; Aurich Lawson, graphic designer; Vic Braden of Cornerstone Construction; and Jason Carter and Kathy Villa of Spectrum Catering who underwrote almost the entire cost of the catering.

Additional Donors: Other donors included Andrea and Mike Zislis of Shade Hotel, Rock'n'Fish, Mucho Restaurant (, Steve and Jennifer Goldstein of PayRoll Management Solutions (, Kayli Yoong, event party planner. Steve Goldstein is the Chairman of Redondo Beach Chamber Board of Directors, and a graduate of the Leadership Redondo Class of 2007.

The Mark Fitchett Band: Mark Fitchett (guitar), Bob Luna
(keyboards and vocals), Gregory Scott Alban (drums),
Donna Butler (vocals), Anthony Alvarez (bass).
The Mark Fitchett Band: Mark Fitchett (guitar), Bob Luna (vocals and keyboards), Anthony Alvarez (bass), Gregory Scott Alban (drums), with guest vocalist Donna Butler.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Links To Reliable Relief Agencies Helping Japan

Updated Links to Reliable Relief Agencies Working to Help Japan:

Photo: Shelter Boxes heading to Japan.
  1. UNICEF - U.S. Fund appeals for donations for children and families in Japan - 100% of donations will go to Japan relief efforts - funding needed for items in short supply such as diapers and hygiene kits.
  2. Shelter Box (International charitable relief organization) - Japanese authorities request Shelter Boxes for the north, shelter boxes are heading to the worst hit areas of Japan.
  3. AmeriCares - Preparing first aid shipment, urgent supplies for shelters - Shipping basic hygiene items originating in Japan for urgent delivery to shelters in Miyagi and Iwate where hundreds of thousands of survivors have been forced to flee their homes.  In addition to building a relief convoy for shipments to Sendai, AmeriCares is setting up an office in Tokyo to coordinate their relief efforts. 
  4. International Medical Corps - International Medical Corps’ emergency response team is assessing the post-disaster needs of isolated coastal villages north of Sendai that have yet to receive humanitarian assistance. They found acute shortages of food, water and some medicines, and survivors in need of mental health support.
  5. Convoy of Hope - Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Response team is working around the clock to deliver much needed food, water and emergency supplies to hurting families in Japan. On their web site, Kary Kingsland, vice president of Global Initiatives, shares how Convoy of Hope is responding to the disaster and explains the organization’s long-term strategy for helping the people of Japan. Update (3/21/11): Despite news reports of countries encouraging their citizens to leave Japan because of escalating concerns over radiation, Convoy of Hope is pressing forward with plans to deliver emergency supplies to victims of the earthquake and tsunami.
  6. The Salvation Army in Japan - Latest News (3/18/11): In Sendai mobile team served about 1,000 meals to evacuees. Hot meals and drinks were prepared in The Salvation Army's mobile emergency canteen and given out at Sendai Corps (Salvation Army church)..."
  7. Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) - Update (3/17/11): In Tokyo, the emergency coordination team is working to get food donations to people in evacuation centers. They are also planning to procure donations of water that can be driven by truck to the affected area, now that road access has improved. Another 5,000 blankets have been purchased in Tokyo and will be delivered by Sunday.
  8. Japanese Red Cross Society - Gifts will support the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Funds will be utilised for the on-going provision of immediate relief and for eventual recovery support to the affected population.
  9. American Humane Association - Red Star Animal Emergency Services and Japan Relief Fund - 100 percent of the donations received for Japan animal relief go to helping the animal victims in Japan. 
Photo: Convoy of Hope's Disaster Response Team.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Coming Up Sunday: Mark Fitchett Band in Redondo Beach

Mark your calendar! The Mark Fitchett Band will perform a selection of jazz, classic rock and blues in Redondo Beach this Sunday, March 20, 2011, in order to raise money for the revitalization of the Veteran's Park Bandshell in Redondo Beach. The event includes catered dinner and silent auction, and is sponsored by Leadership Redondo Class of 2010, a group of South Bay volunteers who are trying to raise $70,000 to replace the hazardous 50-year-old public structure. The Mark Fitchett Band consists of Robert Luna (keyboards and vocals), Gregory Scott Alban (drums), Anthony Alvarez (bass), and Mark Fitchett (guitar), with guest vocalist Donna Butler.

Sunday, March 20, 2011
5:00pm to 9:00pm
Redondo Beach Historical Library
309 Esplanade
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
$100 per person / $1,000 per table

Please make checks payable to: Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation

Mail checks to:
Leadership Redondo 2010
c/o CS Business Management
2615 190th Street, #210
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Or go to and click on the PayPal button to send your money directly.

The Veterans' Park Band Shell Project needs the funds raised by Leadership Redondo Class of 2010 are a group of volunteers who are trying to raise at least $70,000 within a six-month period to replace the crumbling current structure - in place since it was commissioned in 1957 - with a safer, new multi-use public structure by Domingo Ottolia of Ottolia and Barnes Architecture.

Thanks also to Spectrum Catering for their generous contribution to this event.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan - How to Help

Eight Things You Can Do To Help: (Updated 3/19/11)

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  1. Donate a ShelterBox - Over 492,000 people have been displaced.
  2. Go to Japanese Red Cross Society (page is in English) and click "donate".
  3. Donate to the Red Cross by phone by texting "REDCROSS" to 90999 to add $10 (billed to phone bill).
  4. Donate $10 to American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund online.
  5. Go to Google: Tsunami Relief Links Page and check out the many useful links there.
  6. Go to to find out more.
  7. Go to Peace Winds Japan to find out more.
  8. Join the Support Japan Facebook Event, Another Donation of $500 if we reach 50k people by March 19th, Total $1,000 started by Calvin Do. 

A little background about the Facebook group: Calvin Do initially created this event on March 13th with the pledge that he would donate $.05 for each person who attends, to a capacity of 10,000 people, i.e. $500. But he was stunned when the number of event goers jumped from 81 people on the first day to over 13,000 people on the second day. By midnight, March 15th, $500 was donated to the Salvation Army. Due to the overwhelming growth of this event, he decided to run another event and commit an additional $500 donation towards an organization (to be chosen by majority of a vote later on) towards the aid of Japan. The deadline will not be extended; by the deadline, if the goal does not achieve 40k people, the donation will go to $.01 per total persons.
"In essence, you can pretty much donate to the people affected in Japan for FREE. Absolutely free. How awesome is that? In the past, people might have wondered if they should donate the cash in their pockets. But here...all you have to do is press one button."
Support Japan Facebook Event
--Kit Wu (Facebook user)
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Map of affected areas from ShelterBox Relief Agency site.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interview with Freedom4U Founder Greg Allen

Freedom4U Community Youth Concert in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
As the founder of non-profit organization Freedom4U on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Dr. Greg Allen is a prominent community fund raiser, and advocate for local youth in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

The Daily Fitchett: Dr. Allen, what is Freedom 4U?

Greg Allen: Freedom4U, in a nutshell, is an organization that offers youth positive activities and creative outlets as an alternative to drugs and other destructive activities.

Concert for Youth Sponsored by Freedom4U
The Daily Fitchett: What motivated you to do this kind of work?

Greg Allen: After spending many years as a drug and family therapist, I saw firsthand how the lack of fun and safe social outlets for young people could lead them onto destructive paths. I also saw a need for a better local support system that could connect our young people, help them to pursue their passions, and provide the tools to work through the many challenges of adolescence.

DF: How did the organization get its start?

GA: We began Freedom4U to meet a clear a need for young people in the South Bay and particularly here on the hill. While families may have resources in this area, our middle school and high school students struggle to find fun ways to socialize and connect with each other in healthy and safe environments.

Freedom4U Concert for Youth
Our schools are excellent. We are a community of doting and dedicated parents. Most of our children are enrolled in some combination of after school lessons, organized sports teams, and volunteer programs.

But when Friday night rolls around, most of our young people want to hang out with each other. And there is often not much productive for them to do. That was the beginning of our vision for "Freedom4U".

So to we started the organization in 2002. Since that time, we have served more than 2000 young people per year, creating a wide range of programs to fulfill Freedom4U’s guiding mission; ‘to coach young people to fulfill their potential’.

DF: What events do you offer?

GA: We have created a Friday night concert series that has become one of the most popular nights out for our high school students and given aspiring young musicians the opportunity to perform in front of their peers in a safe, local and drug-free environment. We have also put counselors in all of the local high schools to provide support for students in working through major life challenges, from family and social issues to substance abuse.

DF: We also noticed that you have regular youth jazz jam sessions.

GA: Right! We built a monthly Jazz jam session at Trump Golf Course for young people interested in jazz and other improvised music. For this program, we brought in the some of the best young professional and college musicians in Los Angeles to help instruct our young people and perform on stage alongside them.

Other effective programs consist of: creative arts, life skills workshops for middle school boys and girls, parenting education and support, the 5th annual film contest is coming up along with a photography contest, leadership and service opportunities.

DF: It sounds like the program has really grown.

GA: It has. In July, we hosted our second annual “Jazz Through the Generations” Festival here on the Hill. This event featured internationally-known jazz artists performing alongside the participants in our youth programs, highlighting the importance of mentorship in the arts. We had over 1000 people attend this annual event at beautiful Terranea Resort.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Video of Jazz Through the Generations.
DF: I remember the event was huge. Paul Smith, David Benoit, and Barbara Morrisson shared the stage with the younger up and coming musicians. "Jazz Through The Generations" was very well attended and was a great concert as well. Speaking of which, when is the next one?

GA: July 17th, 2011! We'll keep you posted. The next event that we have coming up soon is our 4th annual fundraiser 'Evening with the Stars'.

We are just beginning to realize the full potential of Freedom4U to make a difference in the lives of our young people. Our Priorities are: Community: Investing in young people; Character: Supporting young people in their strengths and confidence; Creativity: Being a laboratory for new ideas to be created, developed and expressed.

Freedom4U can only fulfill this mission with the generous help of the community. Together we can make a real difference in this community, providing our young people with the community support that they need, a place to pursue their passions, and important tools and skills that they will carry with them forever.

The 3rd Annual Evening with the Stars Lineup:
Olympic Gold Medalist Ron Brown, Redskin Jeff Severson,
Dr. Jeff Miller, Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Tillman,
LA District Attorney Carmen Trutanich,
Bear?Bruin Tim Wrightman, Van Barbieri,
Producer/Composer Tom Harriman, 49'er Cedrik Hardman,
Redskin/Bruin Billy Kilmer, CEO Bill Harris, GA
DF: What are the details of 'Evening With The Stars', and who is invited?

GA: Here's the details, and as far as who is invited...everyone! Please come and support the youth on the hill. Here's the invite:

Come to the 4th Annual Evening with the Stars
Mix & mingle with sports and entertainment stars
While listening to live jazz music
Fabulous silent & live auction items
Exceptional Trump National dinner and wine included

with stars:
NFL Hall of Famer Deacon Jones
Super Bowl Quarterbacks Billy Kilmer & Vince Ferragamo
US Olympic Gold Medalist & NFL All-Pro Ron Brown
US Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Tillman
and other Stars

Join us in honoring TV anchor Ed Arnold with the
George H. Allen Lifetime Achievement Award

Jessie and Greg Allen at event.
Where & When:
Trump National Golf Club Grand Ballrom
One Ocean Trails Drive
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. 90275

Thursday, April 21, 2011
5:30 PM – 7:15 PM Silent Auction
7:15 PM - 9:00 PM Dinner, Music, Program & Live Auction

Business Casual Attire

Tickets: $100 if received by April 9th, $125 until April 18th

You may reserve your place online at:, call 310-897-5043
email: or mail check to:
Freedom4U, 336 Tejon Place, PVE, CA. 90274

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Founders' Circle at the L.A. Music Center

The Founders' Circle at the L.A. Music Center photographed by Lisa Kato Fitchett.
"The restrooms in the Founders' Circle are practically reason enough to pony up the $30,000 donation to get in." - a female patron overheard at the L.A. Music Center. Pictured here: The Founders' Circle, a private club for donors who support the Los Angeles Opera. The Founders' Circle serves a pre-performance dinner, and h'ors doevres, cappuccino, and desert during intermissions. Oh yes, and there's nary a queue for the restrooms. Reservations are required. The club is located within the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion on the South end of the Music Center Plaza on North Grand Avenue. --The Daily Fitchett, 3/10/11.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The 6th Annual Celebrate Dance Festival in L.A.

The Alex Theatre in Glendale, California photographed by Lisa Kato Fitchett.
Glendale, California - The dance community of Los Angeles packed the Alex Theatre on North Brand Boulevard for the sixth annual "Celebrate Dance", a varied program of over half a dozen preeminent dance companies representing some of today's most exciting talents in contemporary, jazz, ballet, and modern dance.

The Regina Klenjoski Dance Company oozed, pulsed, undulated, bounced, glided and sailed through the air in their fearlessly athletic and original "Emoticons", under the sure artistic direction of choreographer Regina Klenjoski. "Everybody Knows" - a pas de deux from San Diego based Malashock Dance company - showcased lyrical pairings, shapes and vignettes, making virtuoso lifts, partnering, inversions, and gravity defying leaps look easy under the mature direction of John Malashock, another veteran choreographer.

BARE Dance Company turned the stereotype of serious modern dance on its head with "Unoccupied", a light-hearted, fun piece demonstrating expressive capability, musicality, and a very connected delivery while never losing its sense of humor. "Tethered" (from Wayward Glances), a beautiful, athletic and thoroughly modern pas de deux by choreographer Michael Mizerany was made postmodern by being set to Henry Purcell's baroque era opera Dido and AeneusTerri Best Dance almost bent the passage of time with its unexpected slow shifts in tempo, deftly controlled timing, muscular suspension, well-honed choreography, and refined delivery in "Threshold". 

While it is almost unfair to pick a stand-out performance from such a collective display of creative talents, special mention must go to Monat Dance for showing strong classical lines and elegant, ballet-based modern choreography in "Beyond the Edge". Never confusing technique with artistry, the company danced with the musicality of Ailey, the refreshing modernism of the Joffrey, and with perfectly synchronized, artistic details of heads, arms and hands moving as one, the unique and total togetherness of London's Royal Ballet corps

Finally, this reviewer must point to the achievement of choreographer Jamel Gaines and Creative Outlook Dance Theatre of Brooklyn in its Los Angeles Premiere of "Prize", a piece exploring identity, race, political dissidence, war, and peace. Impeccably performed by a quintet of powerful dancers (Amber Hill, Epiphany Davis, Cara Maldonado, De-on Sass, Victor Reddick) and set entirely to the rising and falling tones and cadences of President Barack Obama's speech excerpts, the company showcased phenomenally strong, talented dancers articulating a decisive artistic statement without the obvious polemicism that could have cheapened the performance. Stunning, exceptional performances by the outstanding soloists and universal appeal reminded this reviewer of Alvin Ailey Dance Company at its very best.

The attendees comprised a Who's Who of the Los Angeles and Southland dance community, including choreographers Deborah Rosen, Sophie Monat, Terri Best, Michael Mizerany, John Malashock, Macarena Gandarillas, Mike Esperanza, and Regina Klenjoski; costume designers Denise Lichter, Tina Haatainen, Lilia Lopez, Bradley Lock, Liz Pelster, and Sue Julien; soloists Blythe Barton, Bradley R. Lundberg, Johnny Zhong, Anh Dillon, Joey Thao, Christine Marshall, Nicholas Strasburg, and Dana Vultaggio; award-winning lighting designer Eileen Cooley; and members of the major dance and fine arts press.

Celebrate Dance 2011 was a smashing success, with its strong and varied program, mature artistic statements, and outstanding young talents performing before a packed theater. Executive Producer Jamie Nichols (the founding force behind Pasadena-based Fast Feet dance company, honored at the 19th Annual Lester Horton Dance Awards with the Furthering The Visibility of Dance Award, among many other prizes and recognition) is the marketing director, fundraiser, press contact and sole producer for Celebrate Dance. Ms. Nichols currently teaches Contemporary Jazz at Live Arts Los Angeles and Movement for Actors at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, California. Thank you for your contributions, Ms. Nichols. We can't wait to see what's in store for "Celebrate Dance 2012".

Sunday, March 13, 2011

After The Storm, Part 3

Snow covered tree in the day's fading light, photographed by Lisa Kato Fitchett.
Snow covered tree in the fading light of day, from a series of snowy landscape photographs taken the day after a snow storm blanketed Oakhurst, California.

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--The Daily Fitchett, 3/13/11.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

After The Storm, Part 2

Snowy Tree Tops. Photograph by Lisa Kato Fitchett.
We saw the late afternoon sun glinting off of snowy tree tops, and behind it, the cobalt blue sky trying to peek through lavender clouds. Subject: Travel, Photography, Oakhurst, California.

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--The Daily Fitchett, 3/12/11.