Saturday, February 5, 2011

Starting a New Tradition

We've got a tradition at our house. Every Friday while I'm still at work, Mark decides on a menu, shops, and prepares a really nice evening meal for us.  Since our jazz cruise,  however, I feel compelled to cook. Part of the inspiration came from the variety of fresh food prepared daily on board the ship. But an even bigger inspiration was been my friend Claudia, an accomplished educator, business person, gourmet cook, and friend who was with us on the cruise.  Claudia has been gently encouraging me for some time to overcome my fears of cooking.  I'm letting Mark continue cooking on Friday nights, but I'm basically cooking every day now.

With thanks to Claudia for her positivity and to Mark for his patience, here's to starting new traditions...We'll see what happens!

--The Daily Fitchett

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