Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mark Fitchett & The Cult of the Wrong Note

Mark Fitchett's classic 90's Cult of the Wrong Note rock/jazz/fusion album is slated to be re-issued and released with new artwork by Gabe Kreiswirth. The album shows The Cult of the Wrong Note's trademark tight rhythm section, virtuosic soloing, strong songwriting and orchestration. The entire album (all tracks) are available for preview on SoundCloud.  Featuring Mark Fitchett: Guitar, Rick Hollander:Bass, Chuck Messana: Drums, Craig Roth: Keyboards. Check The Daily Fitchett for announcements about when and where this classic re-issue will become available.

Listen to Mark Fitchett and The Cult of the Wrong Note on SoundCloud: Click Here

--The Daily Fitchett, 3/2/11.

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