Saturday, April 30, 2011

Julien Musafia

I just got my hands on an extremely rare copy of Dr. Julien Musafia’s The Art of Fingering in Piano Playing, 95 pages, c. 1971 - a gold mine of information for the serious pianist, but unfortunately it’s been out of print for years. The book that I have looks like it was originally part of a college library collection - it's still got the college stamp and Dewey Decimal numbers on it. The few copies being sold on Amazon are going for anywhere from $145 to over $200.

For those who don't want to shell out that kind of dough, it looks like members are trading it on the Piano Files web site:


  1. I read Lyn Bronson's article “Piano Fingering...” in the section "Books & Recordings", of California Music Teacher. pp. 24-25.

    It is a glorious review of the latest book by Rami Bar-Niv, "The Art of Piano Fingering---Traditional, Advanced, and Innovative".

    Bronson's full review appears here, (you might need to search for "Rami Bar-Niv"). The book is indeed excellent.


  2. Why would anyone want to pay $200 for an old 95-page book when the latest and most complete 212-page piano fingering book is only $30...?
    The reviewer of the summer 2012 issue California Music Teacher magazine praises Rami Bar-Niv's "The Art of Piano Fingering - Traditional, Advanced, and Innovative". He compares the 2 books and finds Bar-Niv's book to be way superior.